Frequently Asked Questions


Protection of the product onsite is essential before, during and after the installation has taken place.

Keep covered at all times to keep dry, protect from other trades and animal life before installation takes place.

Product arrives onsite shrink-wrapped.

Careful handling is required due to the weight of each piece. Clean gloves should be worn.

If using trolleys to move products make sure there is soft protection between it and the product.

Do not stack without foam protection between each layer.

Leave shrink wrap on until planting has taken place as it saves planters being marked.


All Planters, Plinths and Urns must be placed on a FIRM LEVEL surface with NO exceptions.

For SAFETY reasons ornate pieces must be glued together at time of installation.

Before glueing Plinths, Urns and Birdbaths ensure the surface must be dry and clean of dust.

Leave 48hrs before filling with water or planting.

Pavers must be laid on a well-compacted base of crusher dust or a concrete base and levelled individually at the time of laying in sand or with mortar making sure there are no voids as this can cause cracking.

Care must be taken to keep mortar of the pavers at the time of installation. Sponge off immediately with clean water.

Colours are indicative only. Samples available on request.

Cast colours may vary slightly according to natural aggregates used.

Colours may also mellow on exposure to sun & weather.

Fine crazing can occur. This is called thermal shock and will in most cases selfheal. It is apparent in most cement-based products and is not structural. Such movement is out of Kilarney Stone control.
Sealing the product externally will slow the aging process, protect from moisture and most stains This will also help guard against efflorescence that can occur in cement-based products.

Sealing externally cannot take place unless the product is completely dry including mortar joins and glue. Make sure the product is free of dust and dirt before commencing the sealing.

We recommend Peter Fell clear natural masonry sealer. Follow the manufactures instructions carefully.

All our planters are internally sealed and ready for planting.

We highly recommend the sealing of all products externally if the aged look is not desired.

For water features, paving, steps, or pool coping this is an essential requirement.


Give a light spray with 30 seconds diluted. Alternatively clean with a soft brush and soapy water then rinse off.

Delivery is to site only and DOES NOT include placement.

All products arrive on site shrink wrapped in crates screwed down in each corner indicated by a black circle. Remove these screws and lift the top off the pallet being careful not to damage the product. We recommend using a landscaper to place the planters.

All products must be paid for in full prior to pick up or delivery.

GST payable as shown on the invoice.

Freight will be charged to the purchaser if requesting delivery.

Crates and pallets are charged out and if returned by the purchaser in good condition a refund will be given.

INSPECT deliveries on arrival. DO NOT install the damaged product.

Take photos and inform the truck driver immediately of any damage.

Claims for damages or shortages must be notified within 24hrs otherwise they will not be valid.

Payment Methods Accepted


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